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How To Learn Idioms and Speak Like a Native

How To Learn Idioms and Speak Like a Native

What's Up?  I hope you are having a good day today.

When I meet my friends, that's what I say:  "What's Up?" 

Of course, this phrase means "Hello, how are you?"

"What's Up" is an idiom.  An idiom is a phrase that has a different meaning than the words in it.  You cannot understand an idiom by knowing each word in it.  You must understand it as a whole-- as a phrase.

Native speakers use hundreds of idioms everyday.  We don't even think about it.  

To understand a native speaker, you absolutely MUST learn idioms.

**How Will You Learn Idioms?

Unfortunately, you don't learn idioms from textbooks or schools. But you can learn them.

To start, buy a Dictionary of American Idioms. Use it to understand idioms you hear in movies and conversations.  Keep these new idioms in a notebook, and review them quickly everyday. 

Movies are great for learning idioms.  In fact, many of our most common idioms come from movies.

You'll also learn idioms from REAL conversations between native speakers.   Try to record two native speakers talking to each other.  Then use the recording to learn idioms.
You can even get lessons that use real conversations between native speakers, such as those made by my friends Kristin and Joe at Learn Real English:

Finally, be patient.  It takes time to learn idioms, but you can do it. 

You then speak and understand the real English that is used by native speakers.

Good luck,

A.J. Hoge
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