popular language - وبلاگ تخصصی زبان انگلیسی

وبلاگ تخصصی زبان انگلیسی

پنج‌شنبه 14 مرداد‌ماه سال 1389 ساعت 10:57 ب.ظ

popular language

In this post I decided to put some examples of popular language. Popular language is constantly changing, and the best way to keep up-to-date with it is to read popular magazines and watch popular shows etc. in the media, here are some examples


Air-head = fool, stupid person

Example, air-headed man


A.  Ok = good, all in order

Example, as far as I know everything is A. Ok


Back-off = Go away, don’t bother me

Example, are you trying to wind me up? Go away


Ball-game = situation, it’s a different ball game now

Examples, (1) the ball-game is messy and full of danger

(2) Our life got stock into trouble; this is a messy ball-game


Wimp = boring, weak person

Example, the TV shows were so wimp

Up the creek = in trouble

Example, our life is up the creek


Zilch = nothing, what did you buy in the sales? Zilch, everything was still too expensive

Example, did you learned any of the lesson? Zilch, the class was so wimp


Belly-ache = to complain

Examples, (1) the student always belly-ach about the ball-game of the class

(2)I didn’t likes them because they were always belly-ache about my appearance

Big-deal = something special

Example, I had car crash last night, but it's no big-deal

Bin-it = throw it away

Example, remember to bin it the trash

Clapped-out = old, worn-out

Example, our clapped-out computer