English Idioms (Third Part - وبلاگ تخصصی زبان انگلیسی

وبلاگ تخصصی زبان انگلیسی

جمعه 30 بهمن‌ماه سال 1388 ساعت 07:17 ب.ظ

English Idioms (Third Part

You scratch my back I scratch yours->> supporting someone who support U

Came along->> come true->>try more happened

Came about->>Happened

She is come to pass->> happen together->> how this 2 thing come to pass

Not in a thousand years->>it doesn’t have any solution?

Black and white->>Spoken & written

I’ll eat my heart->> very upset, nervous, sorry

making a statement->> to speak up your mind to tell whatever you belief

Pen friend->> the friend that write 4 each other

To let yourself go->> to be indifferent to clothes and appreance

Are you game ->> are U ready

You are well deserved of reward

Are U through->> Did U FINISHED

  Are U Game->> Are U READY

Get close to us

Being tired already

Sorry 4 French

When elephant Fly->> never and ever

When the hell freeze->> never and ever

He is greeting on in year->> old person

Give me ride->> Drive me to my home

To keep s.b busy

I haven’t got around to it->> I don’t have enough time to do it

You owe me one

Aim an old timer of myselfPoll ones leg->> make fun of s.b

desy daisy->> drunk, felling drunk