)English Idioms (First Part - وبلاگ تخصصی زبان انگلیسی

وبلاگ تخصصی زبان انگلیسی

دوشنبه 19 بهمن‌ماه سال 1388 ساعت 11:23 ق.ظ

)English Idioms (First Part

Calling the roles->> checking student names at classroom.

Let’s get right to heart of the matter->> lets start our job or our discussion.

Lets get down to our business->> lets start our job or our discussion.

Long life friends->> eternal friends

It’s worth a try->> its good to try

making up…mind and letting s.b know->> Thinking about S.th and telling it to others.

Taking everything into consideration->> Thinking about S.th and telling it to others.

Blow the candle->> act of die, dead

Don’t get on my nerves->> don’t make me nervous

Lame excuse->> irrelevant excuse

Cheero & cheerion->> Bye & have great time

 Mouth watering food->> very delicious meal that u r interested to eat.

You are still wet behind ur ears->> u r still child

Beauty before age->> first child

The goods have sell by date->> plz don’t bargain

jot down->> to write down s.th

Remaining the #1 is more difficult than becoming the #1

Breaking the Ice->> start the new thing

Come the lad dish boy->> Come here little boy

Your behavior lack card board ->> Irrelevant behavior

What concern 4 me? None of My business

U r deal 4 me->> U r so venerable 4 me

piss s.b off->> teasing s.b->> playing fool s.b->> make fun of s.b

Cool cat->> Ace boy

Life of the party->> The Ace girl in party

Gosh to u->> I hate U

She is a she->> dressy Girl